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So you want to learn about Eastern European history ….

I’ve been asked many times how I became interested in Eastern European history. First, disclaimer: I am a historian, I have always been interested in history, and my education was in medieval history.  I’ve never not been interested in history because … Continue reading

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Wanted by Police for Visiting a Library

No, this isn’t Fahrenheit 451. This is modern-day Russia. Police are looking for visitors – as far as 18 years ago – of a Ukrainian library in Moscow. This comes in a crackdown of supposed anti-Russian sentiment, with Ukrainian sympathy being … Continue reading

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Gorbachev’s Latest Memoirs Now in English

For those who want to look at late-Soviet leadership and politics, look no further than Mikhail Gorbachev’s own works. As the last Soviet leader, he oversaw the gradual liberalizing of freedoms (such as freedom of speech and freedom of the … Continue reading

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The Cold War Psychics

Cue The X-Files music! This is a book you may like to pick up just in time for the 6-episode miniseries later this month. ESP Wars: East and West (Amazon link) is a collection of memoirs from top scientists and officials, most notably … Continue reading

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