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About that Russian Withdrawal in Syria…

“I’ll be back.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger Vladimir Putin, on the Syrian Civil War Well, one thing is for sure: he is just as unpredictable here as he was Monday. It turns out Russia will not withdraw most of its military presence … Continue reading

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Breaking News: Russia to Withdraw Troops from Syria

President Vladimir Putin announced today that Russia will start withdrawing their troops and military from Syria. He believes, with his advisors that their objectives (namely, stabilizing Syrian President Bashar Assad’s government against both ISIS and opposition forces) have been “generally … Continue reading

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Music Monday: “VDV – Hello From the Sky”

From famed Russian artist and singer Alexander Buinov, winner of many prestigious state awards, comes a patriotic song, which has a heavy intent on recruiting new members. The Air-Landing Forces, or more commonly known by their Russian acronym VDV (in … Continue reading

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Igniting a New Cold War in the Sea

Many agencies – from government to news –  are claiming a new Cold War era is arising between the United States and Russia for various reasons. Certainly, these last couple years have seen heightened tensions between the two nations. I have written … Continue reading

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American Military in the Baltic States (and a word on Russia-Baltic relations)

From the Baltic Times, the first shipment of American tanks and vehicles – ninety Abram tanks, 140 Bradley fighting vehicles, and twenty Howitzers – was sent to Estonia as a precaution against Russian aggression. They will be part of a “temporary … Continue reading

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