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99 Years Ago, Latvia was Born

Today, November 18, 2017, marks the 99th anniversary of the independence of Latvia. I had previously written about this holiday – officially called Republikas proklamēšanas diena (Day of Proclamation of the Republic of Latvia) – here, which explains the history … Continue reading

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Heeding the Warning of Ignoring History

The old cliche that always bears repeating – “those who forget history are doomed to repeat it” – is relevant and will continue to be relevant. It is a testament to the importance of history, where not only does one … Continue reading

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In the News: Bono in Lithuanian trouble!

With all that’s going on these days with calls of corruption or foreign dealings, some may not want to be on the international spotlight. U2’s Bono knows how that feels. From BBC News: A Lithuanian shopping mall partly owned by … Continue reading

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A Century of Communism: The Bolshevik Revolution 100 Years Ago

It was one hundred years ago today that the Bolshevik Party, led by the formerly ousted and exiled Vladimir Lenin, forcibly seized and took control of the buildings of the provisional government. Thus starts the formation, implementation, and execution of … Continue reading

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A Year Ago Today

One year ago today, founder and manager of the Latgale Research Center, Dr. Leonard Latkovski – professor, mentor, and, most of all, a best friend to many – died at the age of 72.  A day doesn’t go by where … Continue reading

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A Note and Update

Readers, As you may have noticed, I haven’t posted anything for about a month. Don’t worry, I’m alive! About a month ago, I have begun another position as a historian and researcher which has taken up my time from here. … Continue reading

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In the News: From “The Czech Republic” to “Czechia”

The Czech Republic is currently undergoing a name change. In a way, at least. As France is officially known as The French Republic, or Slovakia is officially known as The Slovak Republic, so the Czech Republic wants to officially shorten … Continue reading

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