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A Year Ago Today

One year ago today, founder and manager of the Latgale Research Center, Dr. Leonard Latkovski – professor, mentor, and, most of all, a best friend to many – died at the age of 72.  A day doesn’t go by where … Continue reading

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A Note and Update

Readers, As you may have noticed, I haven’t posted anything for about a month. Don’t worry, I’m alive! About a month ago, I have begun another position as a historian and researcher which has taken up my time from here. … Continue reading

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In the News: From “The Czech Republic” to “Czechia”

The Czech Republic is currently undergoing a name change. In a way, at least. As France is officially known as The French Republic, or Slovakia is officially known as The Slovak Republic, so the Czech Republic wants to officially shorten … Continue reading

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Chernobyl’s Wildlife

If you’re expecting two-headed cows or glowing deer, sorry, that’s not what’s here. National Geographic’s John Wendle has an article on the resurgence of wildlife in the Chernobyl area, following the evacuation of all people since the 1986 nuclear disaster … Continue reading

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Wanted by Police for Visiting a Library

No, this isn’t Fahrenheit 451. This is modern-day Russia. Police are looking for visitors – as far as 18 years ago – of a Ukrainian library in Moscow. This comes in a crackdown of supposed anti-Russian sentiment, with Ukrainian sympathy being … Continue reading

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Volodymyr Hroisman – Ukraine’s New Prime Minister

As an update to the news earlier this week here, the Ukrainian Parliament has approved the appointment of Volodymyr Hroisman (also spelled Groysman) as the new Prime Minister of Ukraine. He is the 16th Prime Minister since it’s establishment in 1990. He … Continue reading

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Gorbachev’s Latest Memoirs Now in English

For those who want to look at late-Soviet leadership and politics, look no further than Mikhail Gorbachev’s own works. As the last Soviet leader, he oversaw the gradual liberalizing of freedoms (such as freedom of speech and freedom of the … Continue reading

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