About the Center

Founded by Leonard Latkovski, Jr., PhD, from Hood College in Frederick, Maryland, the Latgale Research Center is dedicated to Russian and Eastern European studies.

Dr. Leonard Latkovski (1943-2015) was professor of history and political science from 1969 until his death. He was an internationally well-known expert in Russian and Baltic history, politics, and culture.

He was born in Kārsava, Latvia, months before the Soviet Union regained control of the Baltic region during World War II. His family fled to Germany, where they remained until 1950 before immigrating to the United States.

Latkovski and his family were directly affected by the Russian Communists. As well as his attachment to his homeland in Latvia, his aunt, Helena Latkovska Wojtuszkiewicz, was imprisoned in Soviet concentration camps for 15 years. His grandfather as well is buried in Siberia, another casualty of the USSR. These events, among countless other accounts of victims from the Soviet Union, shaped his passion for learning about the region, accumulating into the creation of the Latgale Research Center.

Upon Dr. Latkovski’s death, research fellow Scott Mauer, MA, has taken on the responsibilities of the Center, as well as the creation and maintenance of this website.

I am honored to have known Dr. Latkovski and to have studied under and worked with him. I will update this website periodically with history, culture, and politics of Russia and Eastern Europe. If you would like learn more about Dr. Latkovski, please visit http://lllrf.com. If you have any questions or comments, please visit the “Contact” page above. 

– Scott Mauer


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