In the News: From “The Czech Republic” to “Czechia”

The Czech Republic is currently undergoing a name change. In a way, at least.

As France is officially known as The French Republic, or Slovakia is officially known as The900px-flag_of_the_czech_republic-svg Slovak Republic, so the Czech Republic wants to officially shorten its name to Czechia.

The name has the support of many politicians in the country, but still needs to be approved and registered to the United Nation. It is primarily for unofficial documents, and would be practically easier to brand (such as putting on sports jerseys) than “The Czech Republic.”

“Czechia,” according to The Washington Post, comes from Latin, and was first recorded in English in 1841. Certainly it is not a brand new word, and has gained a lot of support in the past years. However, some Czech politicians do not agree with the decision: some for the connotations of excluding other regions in the country, others say it just sounds ugly.

Either way, whether the name becomes official and whether it gains global support, this news signifies a trend for the Eastern European country to become more accessible to the world.

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3 Responses to In the News: From “The Czech Republic” to “Czechia”

  1. Any possibility of people getting it confused with Chechnya if the name change goes through?


    • Scott Mauer says:

      Possibly. It most likely won’t affect the general public – not many people know of Chechnya’s existence, let alone of its name.
      But the two countries have such different cultures and histories that context can easily clear it up.


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