You May Want to Move to Moscow Now

Want to live in Russia? Moscow may be a great start.


St. Basil’s Cathedral in Red Square, Moscow

According to Russia Beyond the Headlines, the recent Economist Intelligence Unit has reported that the cost of living in Moscow has dropped significantly this past year: from 50th most expensive city in the world to 118th. St. Petersburg has also dropped, from 67th to 118th. The main reason, according to the report, is the steep decline of the ruble.

Taking a quick look online, one retailer is loaning a 50 square meter (about 540 square feet) furnished apartment in the heart of Moscow for US$1,794/month. Not exactly cheap, but I’ve personally seen more expensive places.

Likewise, according to Numbeo, which has updated averages for many utilities, restaurants, transportation, etc, the average rent in US dollars is:


Numbeo claims this rent is 57% cheaper than New York, 61% cheaper than Washington, D.C. (my local area), and 66% cheaper than London.

Whereas according to the data at Expatistan:


Considering the historical richness and international importance, this is not a bad price by any means. As the ruble continues to fall, I’d expect so will the cost of living.

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  1. mukul chand says:

    Great Post.lovely pics


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