Breaking News: Russia to Withdraw Troops from Syria

President Vladimir Putin announced today that Russia will start withdrawing their troops and military from Syria. He believes, with his advisors that their objectives (namely, stabilizing Syrian President Bashar Assad’s government against both ISIS and opposition forces) have been “generally accomplished.” Their first attacks occurred in September of last year, prompting both praise and condemnation from international governments. During these six months, the Russian government has reassured others that these attacks are only against terrorism. Forces of an estimated 4,000 in number will begin withdrawing tomorrow.

According to RT, with over 9,000 attacks, key terrorist routes have been blocked or destroyed.  Putin stated, “I hope that today’s decision will be a good signal for all sides of the conflict [and that] it will significantly increase the level of trust for all participants of the peace process in Syria and provide for peaceful means to solve the Syrian issue.”

Live updates can be viewed here. Tensions rose considerably when Russia became involved. Perhaps, and hopefully, tensions will now relax so that negotiations and compromises can be seen in the Syrian Civil War.  Of course, Putin has taken responsibility for that: “The effective work of our military created the conditions for the start of the peace process.”

So far, the Syrian Civil War, which started in 2011, has taken the lives of nearly half a million people, with over ten million others internally displaced or fleeing to Europe.

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