In the News: From Lenin to Lennon

A couple weeks ago I reported how Ukrainian towns, parks, and streets are being renamed as part of the anti-Sovietization  (and implicitly anti-Russification) movement. Some are renamed to what they were known as before the Soviets came; others are renamed after Ukrainian heroes.

Here’s an example of a more unusual one.

At Radio Free Europe, the small town of Kalyny in western Ukraine has renamed a street from Vladimir Lenin Street to Lennon Street, after the famed co-founder of The Beatles, John Lennon.

This name was chosen personally by Hennadiy Moskal, who heads the administrative district.

Other name changes in the city include a street after Viktor Markus, a Ukrainian soldier killed last year in the ongoing war between the Ukrainian military and pro-Russian separatists. Prior to this, the street was named after Nikolay Shchors, a Soviet Red Army commander. Also included in this renaming is Tomas Masaryk Street – after former Czechoslovakian president who supported Ukrainian independence – which was formerly known as Collective Farm Street.

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