Music Monday: “VDV – Hello From the Sky”

From famed Russian artist and singer Alexander Buinov, winner of many prestigious state awards, comes a patriotic song, which has a heavy intent on recruiting new members. The Air-Landing Forces, or more commonly known by their Russian acronym VDV (in Cyrillic, ВДВ), are the airborne paratroopers of, originally, the Soviet and, then later, Russian Army.

Formed prior to World War II, and undergoing several airborne operations during the War, the VDV were, at one point, the largest paratrooper force in the world. However, since the fall of the USSR, their numbers have decreased.

As can be seen in the video, the VDV traditionally wear bright blue berets and striped shirts (called telnyashka), the latter of which date from the 19th century Tsarist Navy.

As I mentioned, the song feels more like a recruitment tool than a proper music video; and that’s probably because it is. The very first words of the song reinforce that those who join the VDV are not normal, ordinary citizens, but “tough guys.” The title of the song, “Hello from the sky” implies that they are swift in their military operations.

Below are two videos of the same song. The first contains English subtitles of the song, but, as can be seen, suffers video quality. The second video has higher, clearer resolution, but without the subtitles. I’ll include both.

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