Latvia in the Ukrainian Crisis

As opposed to weapons and military, some countries are providing humanitarian aid for the Ukrainian government in their civil war against pro-Russian separatists. This includes Latvia.

From Ukraine Today:

The country’s ambassador was on-hand to deliver supplies to volunteers

Latvian army representatives along with the country’s ambassador to Ukraine delivered several tons of humanitarian aid to Ukrainian volunteers on Tuesday evening.

Juris Poikans, Latvia’s Ambassador to Ukraine: “These days in Europe, many countries are sympathetic towards Ukraine and the situation here – of course, this touches a lot of people from different states. The fact that volunteers and government organizations work together on this and these kinds of humanitarian actions happen – is not unique, but it proves, that there are a lot of regular folks out there who care about Ukraine and its future.”

Latvian servicemen were also on-hand to unload the heavy packages. The help came in a form of warm winter clothing for Ukrainian army personnel as well as their families.

This is a third and biggest humanitarian convoy from Riga to Kyiv. Latvian as well as French and Swiss aid organizations took part in gathering the much-needed supplies.

There’s a sort of solidarity Latvia has with Ukraine. Both countries have had their history tarnished by conquering and expanding Russia, both in the imperial era and the Soviet era. Both countries continue to see this history brought back into the current day, and both countries desperately want to be independent in both cultural and political identity.

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