Music Monday: “Fish”

Today’s song isn’t particularly important or historical to the culture of Russia. However, it’s still worth listening, if only for the uniqueness.

The popular band Leningrad, consisting of 14 members, has a reputation of being against the government and local politics. At one point, in 2003, then-Mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzkov banned the group from playing at any large-scale events, forcing Leningrad to perform in private venues like nightclubs. As with most things that are banned, this only increased their popularity, with them even presenting on shows on New Year’s Eve. Their theme, aside from political commentary, according to band leader Sergey Shnurov, “are just about the good sides of life, vodka and girls that is.”

This song, “Fish,” doesn’t feature any political or controversial lyrics, but is still, if anything else, fun. The mix of brass and drums, and the sailor outfits, add a fun touch to the song. And I surely believe this song would not work without Shnurov’s raspy voice.

The video should have English subtitles already. If they haven’t loaded, click on the gear icon at the bottom of the video, then “Subtitles/CC,” then choose English.

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