No More Swearing in Russian Jails

The Russian language has a reputation for being a harsh-sounding language. And as with any other language, there are certain words more vulgar than others. Some are very mild, some are very rude. You’re bound to hear curse words in the cities of Russia from the more colorful populous.

However, you won’t hear any in their prisons.

Via Mashable (click for more):

In Vladimir Putin’s Russia, there will be no swearing in jail.

Under a new rule imposed by the country’s Justice Ministry, detainees in pretrial detention centers will be prohibited from speaking in the salty Russian prison slang known as fenya, the Interfax news agency reported Thursday. 

Specifically, inmates will not be allowed to speak to each other in “threatening, insulting, defamatory language or slang.”

According to a 2002 story in The Moscow Times, fenya, “the language of the camps and prisons,” has been around for decades and even infiltrated modern Russian language as inmates were released.

“Developed over decades, it is made up of thousands of words and expressions that describe everything from a corpse (zhmurik) to a scam (kinut),” read the article. “As the zeks (prisoners) left the zone, they took their language with them, and fenya has infiltrated standard Russian to the point that many speakers don’t even know the unsavory derivations of the words they are using.”

The law is designed to help reduce the influence and spread of Russian gangs and gang-related mentality. On the flip side, according to the article, it is also “to promote Orthodox Christian and family values” as there was a similar law in 2014 banning swearing in all Russian movies and television.

I’m sure the prisoners will have a few choice words in regard to this.

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