2016 – The End of the Ukrainian Crisis?

An article recently came out from Christian Science Monitor, in which they theorize that the current Ukrainian crisis, a civil war in Eastern Ukraine between the government and pro-Russian rebels, may come to an end in 2016.  This war, which was caused by a number of reasons, has been on and off for several years.

The article, which you can read here, proposes that it is the Russians who will seek peace. Of course, Russia has the upperhand. As bad as their economy is, Ukraine’s is worst. Any country in a civil war is unstable against a united and homogenous nation. It theorizes that President Putin’s recent appointments may hint at a desire for a stalemate. That may mean pro-Russian and pro-separatist conditions, however. That’s not in Putin’s nature to back down now.

Will this happen in 2016? Hard to say not even a month into the year. Previous ceasefires in the eastern rebel regions have failed numerous times. The Minsk agreement, which was supposed to be in effect by the end of 2015, still has not been fully implemented on either side. The Ukrainian economy has suffered, the Ukrainian government has been accused of corruption, and so on. To me, even with direct Russian intervention  (which is no guarantee of tolerance or transparency), there are still so many problems left in the air. There’s still high tension among both pro- and anti-Ukrainians, that if this crisis were to miraculously end tomorrow, it would not promise an end to fighting.

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