The Cold War Psychics

Cue The X-Files music! This is a book you may like to pick up just in time for the 6-episode miniseries later this month.


ESP Wars: East and West (Amazon link) is a collection of memoirs from top scientists and officials, most notably Edwin C. May, Doctor of Physics and the last director of the United States’s program “Stargate.” This program, along with the USSR’s equivalent “Phoenix,” were actual government studies involving supposed psychic people and phenomena.

This book explains why such an unorthodox and pseudo-scientific program was allowed, and thrived, during the Cold War, on both sides. Why did the military actually invest in this? What was the purpose? Was there any actual success?

While I have not yet read this book, I plan to, so perhaps you’ll find a follow-up post from me with a review. However, according to some Amazon reviewers, this is a book that you can enjoy whether you’re a paranormal buff, history buff, military buff, or simply enjoy something different and unusual.

Also, may I recommend some background music while you read it?

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