Putin for the New Year


So sensitive…

Can you not get enough of the Russian President? Can you not imagine dedicating 2016 to his very image? Do you just want to see his shirtless escapades a month at a time?

Well, oddly enough, now you can!

Entitled “All Year With The President Of Russia,” this 2016 calendar features Vladmir Putin posing in various positions (all complimentary towards his physique, of course). One month features his rugged, military workout. Other months, though, feature him cuddling puppies, sniffing flowers, or smiling shirtless – after all, Vladimir Vladimirovich also has a sensitive side! He’s not all tough!

And, to boot, the calendar features memorable quotes from the President each month, such as:

I like all Russian women. I think Russian women are the most talented and the most beautiful.

And who can forget this?

Dogs and I have very warm feelings for one another.

And best of all, it costs nearly nothing. A British student bought it in a St. Petersburg kiosk for only 78 rubles. That’s $1.08 US (about 73 pence GBP).

Putin himself seems to be taking this approach as well. Some of his supporters sent Kremlin officials a book featuring his best one-liners for a holiday gift. This book features either famous Putinisms (including the promise that Russia will “bump off in a toilet” Chechen terrorists, and that Latvia, regarding a territorial dispute, will receive the “ears of a dead ass” from Russia) or pro-Russian, and thus implicitly anti-Western, phrases (“For me Russia is my whole life”).

One thing is for sure: if this is any indication of anything, it’s that Putin does not have a New Year’s resolution of being more humble. We can expect more public images like this continuing into 2016.

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