In the News: Russia issues 100 ruble note depicting Crimea

It appears that Putin will only tighten their hold on the Crimean Peninsula, a major source of contention between Russia and Ukraine. 

The annexation of Crimea by Russia in March 2014 has caused international controversy from the West, which sees it as a grab for land and power. Along with the continuous war in eastern Ukraine, which has seen Russian support in supplying both weapons and soldiers, this seizure of sovereign territory has forced western nations to issue economic sanctions against Russia.

However, none of this has deterred President Putin. 

The Central Bank of Russia has issued a 100 ruble note that depicts on the front the Crimean landmark Swallow’s Nest Castle. 


New 100 ruble note depicting Swallow’s Nest Castle (left) d

Clearly, this only strengthens Russia’s claim. 

Unfortunately for Russia, the ruble continues to fall in value. Currently, one ruble equals 0.014 US dollars; this 100 ruble note is only worth $1.40 US.

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