Star Wars in the USSR

No, I’m not talking about the missile defense program in the 1980s. I’m talking about something much more significant during the Cold War: The films!

Since the much-anticipated seventh episode is upon us, I decided to dedicate a short very post to the topic. 

Russia Beyond the Headlines has a timeline of the space opera film in the Soviet Union, including its implications had it been widely released on time. As noted in the article, it wasn’t until thirteen years after its premiere in other countries was it released for an audience in Russia. Only certain state officials had the “privilege” of seeing it soon after the worldwide release. Check out the link for more. 

Star Wars, upon its release in 1977, was a cultural phenomenon in the West. It raised the bar substantially on how movies were made and presented, from storytelling to special effects. Imagine what it may have done if the Soviet Union released it for mainstream audience. 

Their posters, on the other hand, are another topic altogether. And frankly harder to justify…


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