Wonderful Illustrations of Slavic Fairy Tales

Instagram user Roman Papsuev (@amokrus), lead artist at ITT Territory, has drawn incredibly detailed renditions – some accurate, some not – based on Slavic fairy tales and legends, in a series called “Tales of Old Rus'”. He has reinterpreted them to look much like characters in fantasy games. Papsuev stated that “this project has no relation to real history or real life. These are just tales, trapped in a world of games. It’s a fun project. Don’t take it too seriously.”

Examples include Baba Yaga, who, depending on the tale, is a single woman or three sisters with the same name living in an huts in a field, acting as a sort of “troll under the bridge” trope in legends. Oh, and she may also devour children. Because you can’t have an old fairy tale without scaring children!


Baba Yaga


Check out the rest at his Instagram, above. Each drawing is just as detailed and beautiful.

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