Deciphering Russian Cursive

I found this the other day, and wanted to share.

Russian cursive, which is the “official” way to write by hand, can be very beautiful at times. Other times, it can be completely headache-inducing.

Typed out, the above looks like Лишили лилии (read as lishili lilii). Much more distinguishable for those who can read Cyrillic letters. In English, it can be translated as “the lilies deprived.”

Breaking down each individual letter, you can see them more recognizably. Below are the typed Cyrillic and the English equivalent:

l   i   sh   i2   l2   i3     L3   i4   l4   i5   I6

Л        И            Ш         И           Л      И             Л        И     Л         И        И

L         I             SH         I            L       I               L        I        L         I          I

You can find more examples of this online, but here are a few more that I found for your amusement.


Above is the word Лишишься (lishilshsya), a form of the word above, meaning “to deprive [something].”


Шиншилла (shinshilla), meaning “chinchilla.”


Дышишь (dyshish), meaning “you breathe.”

And finally, to top it all off, here’s a doctor’s note in Russian:


Try not to get too much of a headache.

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