Ukrainian Independence from Russian Electricity


Map of Ukraine (via

Again, another country in Eastern Europe is continuing to economically isolate itself, for good or ill, from each other. I have noted how Russia is banning foreign airlines and food imports and Latvia is relying less on Russia and more on other Baltic states for natural gas.

Now, Ukraine is stopping electrical supplies from Russia.

From International Business Times:

In the latest economic battle between Ukraine and Russia, Ukraine announced that beginning Friday [Nov. 13], it would suspend its electricity imports from Russia, local news source Interfax reported. Ukraine imported 400 megawatts from Russia per day, and the move was seen as part of Ukraine’s drive to become less economically dependent on its neighbor.

“We will most likely stop receiving any electricity from Russia,” said Volodymyr Demchyshyn, Ukraine’s minister of energy and coal industry, according to Tass. “This is a process step. We have a lot of power generating units that are not used.”

A representative from Ukraine’s energy company Ukrenergo confirmed “there will be no request for tomorrow.” Russia’s energy ministry said it was scheduled to deliver supplies until Thursday.

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Though the amount may be relatively small, this is a move that is symbolically important, considering the historical and economic link of the two nations. This also comes in light of Ukraine recently banning Russian airlines.

Like Latvia, Ukraine has had a very tumultuous relationship with Russia, having been invaded and integrated into the Russian Empire for several centuries, and then the Soviet Empire in the twentieth century. This is just as much a political move for independence as it is economic.


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