Remains Confirmed as the Last Tsar of Russia

The remains of Tsar Nicholas II (right skull on foreground) and his wife, Alexandra (most left skull).

The remains of Tsar Nicholas II (right skull on foreground) and his wife, Alexandra (left skull). (Photo: AP)

Yesterday, Russia’s Investigative Committee confirmed that the remains of Russia’s last tsar, Nicholas II, and his wife, Alexandra Fyodorovna, were genuine.

From Reuters (click for more):

Russian investigators said on Wednesday new DNA tests conducted at the request of the Orthodox Church had confirmed that the exhumed remains of Nicholas II, the country’s murdered last czar, and his wife, were genuine.

The statement brings closer the possibility that the entire Romanov family — who were executed by the Bolsheviks in 1918 — could be laid to rest together with the purported remains of Alexei and Maria, two of the czar’s five children, also interred in St Petersburg with the others for the first time.

The church, which canonized the slain family in 2000, has been pushing for extra proof that the remains of Nicholas, whose Romanov dynasty ruled Russia for 300 years, are bona fide, a precondition for Alexei and Maria to be buried.

Their execution by the Bolsheviks in July of 1918 – a topic that deserves a separate post in itself – was both a political move and a sign of things to come in this new Soviet regime. Namely, the execution and persecution of any who supported the tsar in name or ideology, or any who, conversely, did not support the Bolshevik ideology.

Keep in touch for a more in-depth post later today about the execution of the last tsar and his family.

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