“Life Under Ceasefire” – Photos of Eastern Ukraine

Click on the link below to see more

Click on the link below to see more

The Ukrainian crisis has been on the news since it first erupted in November 2013. The fighting between pro-Russian separatists and the Ukrainian government continues to destroy eastern Ukraine, especially the region of Donbass, in a civil war.

As with any conflict or disaster, there is a tendency by those unaffected to look at it through numbers: the number of deaths, the number of battles, how it affects the global order, and so on. There isn’t a personal connection, so we distance ourselves from the war.

Tim Eastman, a photojournalist in Brooklyn, recently went to eastern Ukraine. There he took intimate photos of Ukrainians and their “life under ceasefire,” the recent suspension of fighting in the region. Here he offers a rare glimpse of the civilians in this conflict, offering us a more personal experience.

“It’s not peace, and it’s not war.” Says Valentina, a 67 year old woman from the village of Zelene. “We’re always waiting for something worse.”

You can view the photos here.

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