In the News: Russia bans more foreign services

From RT (click to read more):

Russian officials of all levels must now use only airlines from members of the Eurasian Economic Union for business trips. Exceptions are allowed if EEU airlines do not fly to their desired destination.

The new rules are described in amendments to a presidential decree. The amendments also order all federal and municipal state bodies to make sure their internal rules match the new law.

The article notes that other countries have similar rules regarding civil servants, and the reason given for this new law is to protect both Russian airlines and the declining economy. Seems simple enough.

However, there’s a trend here. This legislation comes only four months after President Putin had effectively banned certain imported Western foods as retaliation for US and European sanctions.  In one bizarre incident, bulldozers outside Belgorod bulldozed and destroyed over nine metric tons of cheese. This was not the only incident of destroying contraband, either.

With these two laws, no matter the “official” reason or motive, pushes Russia into a direction they’ve been heading since the beginning of Putin’s presidency: an increasingly Russo-centric view of politics and nationalism. Expect more laws like these in the future as the country continues to assert themselves in global policy.

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